Wednesday 20 June 2012

Summer Sensation

Don't go by the bunch of grapes on the glass tumblers. This is not grape sorbet. 
There's a thing about lichis. You need to buy them in a bunch. You do so happily, the luscious red is so inviting. And then you can only eat those many at one shot. By the next day, the fruit invariably undergoes transformation. The delightful hue gives way to a pale shade of brown. The ah-so-fresh lichi fragrance is replaced by a one-day-stale smell. If you leave the by-now-not-so-tempting summer sensation for one day more, rest assured nobody in the house will touch it. So what does the Lady do ? Peel it, deseed it, churn it, cool it, serve it. Just like that :) 
                                                                                                          We normally buy lichi squash off the rack. Make your own thing at home now. With all the leftover lichis you have. If you have them, that is! Feel free to use the just-plucked ones if you so desire. I wouldn't. Not with the latter. They are to be peeled & sensuously savoured. The succulence makes any other alternative impossible to imagine! 

What you need:
1. Leftover Lichis- peeled, deseeded
2. Sugar to taste
3. Water -1 glass per 3 lichis
                                                                                                                                                     What you need to do:
1. Blend lichi & sugar well.
2. Add water & give it a final whip.
3. Strain juice to separate pulp from clear syrup. 

Refrigerate & serve chilled. 

                                                  Wowing your guests was never so easy! Anyway, isn't it always the family that plays hard to please....


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