Saturday 12 January 2013

Rosh Boda

We ushered in the new year with hope and ma's refrain of this being the first time that there is still no khejur gur at home. There's a thing about ma. She can say the same thing so many times that the laziest of humans has to turn around and take notice. So we did. And we're not the laziest, mind you. We have seen worse in our lifetime!

Come winter and khejur gur, palm jaggery, is a must in every Bong household. You get it in both solid and liquid forms. The liquid, jhola gur, is relished with everything from the humble ruti to the more elevated chitui pithe. The dhela, or the solid, is used in payesh, puli, patishapta and other sankranti delicacies. The sugar jar is relegated to the background for the winter months and khejur gur rules the kitchen. Bomma, my taayi ji, even made tea with the fresh palm juice that the boys in Bhagalpur got from the palm trees!

P was saved the tree-climbing here in NCR. He got both dhela and jhola from Ananya, a Bong outlet in Noida. These guys do everything Bengali from mishti doi to narkol nadu to the Anandolok pujo shonkha, the special durga puja edition of the popular magazine. Little Bangla, another authentic Bong joint in my vicinity, has shut shop and we now depend on Ananya and Mishti Mukh, both farther away in Noida, to cater to our sweet-tooth. 

Last evening finally saw khejur gur at home. Ma has to look for a new lament soon! Rosh Boda, urad dal dumplings in jaggery syrup, was the first sankranti mithai that we made with the gur. Easy to make and delicious to eat, rosh(ras, sweet syrup) boda(vada, lentil dumpling) is an item that can make you dance to the tune of faevicol! Be dabangg and give this a shot. Emanating from a region and spreading its fragrance to the universe, this khejur gur rosh boda will make you feel good about 2013. 

For Boda(Vada/Dumpling)
1. 1/2 cup Urad dal- soaked overnight
2. 1 tsp saunf - whole/ground
3. 1 tsp pepper powder
4. Salt- to taste
5. 1/2 kadai mustard oil- to deep fry boda
For Rosh(Jaggery Syrup)
1. 1 cup jhola gur
2. 1 cup water 

Method: Boda
1. Grind the soaked urad dal to a smooth paste. Add the other ingredients to the batter and mix well with your hand. 
Variation- I grind the saunf with the dal bcz my family wants the flavour but not the whole aniseed! Normally, it is added to the dal paste, whole. Suit your palate. 
2. Deep fry as roundish balls till slight golden.

1. As the bodas are frying, add jhola gur and water and 
bring to boil. Keep the syrup thin.
You can use dhela gur too, if you have the time.
Rosh Boda
Drop the dumplings in the syrup right away, when both are hot. Let them soak for 30 mins before serving. 

The lightly savoury dumplings makes an amazing combo with the jaggery syrup. The subtle taste of pepper and the unique saunf flavour gives the vadas a distinct oomph. When they soak in the ras for a suitable time, the succulence is out of the world.

A sunny Saturday morning, a good book to read, a bowl full of rosh boda to relish, a mind free of clutter, what else is happiness...

Happy Sankranti, folks! Happy Lohri, Happy Tusu, Happy Bihu, Happy Everything!

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