Friday 25 May 2012


When the two teams merged, there was an an official get-together to get to know each other well. While the gangs both sides were comfortably familiar with each other, it was the ones in the ivory tower who needed the ice-breaking. A list of questions was prepared that the department heads had to field, if that helps in getting to know one's manager better! To a banal question of 'what's your favourite food', Shane gave a spicy response. 'I don't really have a favourite food. I am like a pregnant woman. I have cravings.' One thing was established. The manager was witty. Thank God for small mercies!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Craving is a good thing. I feel like Andy of Shawshank Redemption as I write this. 'Remember Red, Hope is a good thing. In fact, it is the only thing.' Not that I can replace craving with hope but the sentiment is similar:) In matters of culinary art, craving creates wonders. Like it did with the leftover farfalle last week. It was a friend's birthday & we decided to surprise him with breakfast on the house. Pasta & muffins it was. Abundance was in the air & I ended up boiling more pasta than needed for four people. Made three-fourth of it. (Even that served 6!) And the next morning saw the remaining farfalle being put to creative use :) 
                                                                                                     The name of this 'bow-tie' pasta, farfalle, is derived from the Italian word farfalla(butterfly). The e at the end of the word is the Italian feminine plural ending viz., butterflies. So what does one do with all those butterfly look-alikes in the house? First thank the stars for giving you the foresight of keeping a portion aside when the excess was discovered. Next, thank them again for placing a delicious idea in your head. Thanking done, get down to business. Of beautifying the farfalle some more :) Sounds like fun, doesn't it!
                                                                                                    You don't always need leftover boiled pasta for the purpose! Boil it exclusively to make this dish. Give it any name you want. I leave it to you dear reader. If you come up with a fancy one, share it with me. 
1. Boiled farfalle pasta(or any other)
2. 2-3 whisked eggs
3. 2 tbsp tomato ketchup
4. 2 tsp mixed herbs
5. 1-2 cheese slices( or grated mozzarella)
6. 1 tsp pepper powder
7. 1 tsp olive oil  
8. Salt to taste
1. Mix tomato ketchup, herbs, olive oil & salt in the boiled pasta & toss gently with a spoon/your hand.
2. Pour half of the whisked egg in a greased baking tray and arrange the pasta mixture over it.

3. Make stripes(roughly/with a blunt knife) of the cheese slice & arrange over the pasta layer.
4. Sprinkle pepper over the cheese stripes & top up with the remaining beaten egg. 

5. Bake the pasta at 160° C for 8-10 mins.

Dig into the cheesy farfalle with the artlessless of a child. The tray will be wiped clean in less than five minutes. Take my word for it! 

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