Friday 27 January 2012

Raise a Toast

With all the green eyed monsters that Facebook has managed to create, it has done a world of good too. No denying that. It has stopped brats from posting obscenities on Walls because their parents are on Fb too; it has made loudmouths reserve their comments because there are bigger brags in their friend list; it has made people kinder because only if they post kind comments on others' pics can they expect the same favour from them. Facebook has made us a civilized race.

It has reconnected long lost friends & also made 'friends' of people who never were.

Dhondup & I reconnected after seven years. Thanks to Fb. 

An affable lad in his school days with a vibrant woolly cap that made him stand out, Dhondup Tsering is now in Sydney for the past 6 years and marketing a logistics business for the past 3. "On a personal note, the grammar lessons back at SGC have served me rather well. The news report writing has come in really handy and I have written quite a few press releases for work and Tibet related events... So thank you :)."
 This note having suitably warmed the cockles of my heart, I decided to treat Dhondup to something I know all have-been/boarders love.

And it is so easy to make that as the machine does your laundry, you would have made your breakfast & had it too. Before you rush to your logistics job. So wear your woolly,err,chef's cap, young man & let's raise a toast to our tailor made French Toast! 

1. 2 eggs
2. Besan- 1 tbspoon
3. Onion - half/quarter(depending on its size)
4. Capsicum- qtr
5. 2 green chillies
6. Cilantro
7. Salt to taste
8. Oil to cook

Cut the bread as you like.

I've noticed an obvious gender difference in many families. The men like their bread cut into rectangles while the ladies prefer the diagonal cut!

To give 'body' to the french toast, blend besan(gram flour) & salt. 
If you want only eggs, go for it. Whisk eggs & salt then.

Add the eggs in the besan batter & whisk it.

 This(left) is how the mixture will look once done. 

Add the chopped onions, capsicum(I chose red, for its colour), chilli & cilantro & mix well.

Dip the bread slices into the mixture & cook on medium flame.

Turn & cook the other side till golden brown.

Ready to eat! Or pack the lunch box!
Pick that ketchup bottle & enjoy the crisp, colourful French toast :)

 Don't forget the ones for her :)

The lady likes it served on the platter :)

Great to hear from you Dhondup. Tell me how your French toast turned out. Cheers!

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  1. Looks like an interesting...mouth watering...2 minute pizzza.....

    Fantastic one for finicky ones!