Monday 30 April 2012

Spicy Bell Peppers

In our childhood capsicum was synonymous with chowmein. We never ate capsicum, bell peppers, as I learnt a lot later, as a curry. With roti/chawal.  One it was a rare vegetable to come by. Two, it was more expensive than its counterparts. So capsi, as we fondly called it at home, maintained its place of honour as a Chinese ingredient. And there was this not-to-miss reason why we never thought of capsicum ki subzi as a meal option. Ma doesn't like capsicum! Buno buno gondo, she avers. A wild smell she attributes to this colourful veggie! Just the smell that those who love it, love it for. 
                                                                                                          It is not funny how children blindly imitate their parents. Buno buno gondo remained a fact of my life as well for a long long time. Till I started living in Delhi. The ostentatious Punjabi population there has three favourite food. Rajma chawal, kadhi chawal & Aloo Capsicum. The stuffed paranthas & lassi, of course, goes without saying. And those various rich halwa starting from gaajar to besan that you can give your life for! And gradually, before I even realized it, the Bong in me had started digging what she had always looked down upon! 
                                                                                                      Share my journey. And enjoy it :)
1. 2-3 capsicum diced
2. 1 large potato quartered
3. 1 large onion diced/chopped
4. 1 large tomato diced/chopped
5. 1-2 tsp vegetable masala(store bought)
6. Salt to taste
7. Oil to cook
1. Steam the capsicum & potato in the pressure cooker adding salt. Remove from heat before the 1st whistle. They should be cooked yet whole.

2. Saute onion till translucent. Add the tomato & fry till tomato cooks well.

3. Add the boiled aloo capsicum and fry till all ingredients mix well.
4. Sprinkle subzi masala, stir for 2-3 mins & remove from flame. 

Serve spicy bell peppers with roti. 
Fast to cook, good to eat, and an absolute visual treat. 
                                                                                                      Moral: Never look down upon any cuisine. It is sure to catch up with you when you least expect it to!
                                                                                                         "What are you having for lunch today?"  Mom on line. "Aloo Capsi." And there was a long silence at the other end....

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