Saturday 28 January 2012

Go Global

If you ever see this in my house, don't panic! It is my weekend off. You will still be served. And served well!

Nitin takes over the kitchen over the weekend. We met Nitin in the B&B in our early days in London when both of us were looking for accommodation. Call it a divine design that we soon became housemates. I see it as a karmic debt that I am repaying. Why else should I be cooking for someone without getting paid for it & with whom I am not bound by biological or marital ties!

Nitin is a good guy. He is disciplined, makes sense when he talks, and talks only when required. Add to that the fact that he is into pranayam & meditation, gangs up with P for the gender war & reads spiritual books. That makes him a winner all the way.
Having lived outside India for a large part of his life, his taste is eclectic & experience diverse. We benefit from both :)

Nitin made Fajitas for dinner tonight & I was free to click pics for my post. Small mercies :)
As you read more about Fajitas here, let me run you through the recipe.

This takes you about 25 mins to make & 10 mins to wash it down with red wine. Teetotalers can settle for a health drink or juice. 

1. Tortilla (1 pack had 8)
2. 1 cup chopped Bell Peppers (various colours add to the zing)
3. 1 cup chopped Zucchini 
4. 1 cup chopped Mushroom
5.  Roast chicken slices(the Indian Salami)
6. 1 tbsp Salsa Dip
7.  1.5 tsp Fajita masala
8. Salt & Pepper to taste
9. Olive oil to stir fry the veggies
10. Mayonnaise 
The Tortilla  he used

Step 1: Chop the vegetables. You can cut them into juliennes(long thin pieces) if you want.

Step 2: Fry the chopped zucchinis first for 3 mins.

                                                                                Step 3: Add the mushroom & bell pepper & stir fry on medium heat till done. Ensurethat the vegetables remain translucent & don't change colour.

 Step 4: Add salt, pepper, salsa dip & fajita masala when the vegetables have softened. Cook for another 1 min & keep off the flame.
Tip: Go easy on the salt. The salsa dip, chicken slices & mayonnaise, all have salt . 

 Step 5: Warm the tortillas & spread mayonnaise on it. Lay out a line of veggies on one side &  make rolls.


The Veg fajitas are ready :) Warm them
 a little if you want & dig into it. 

 Step 6: Lay out the chicken slices on the tortilla and roll them up. Chicken Fajitas ready to bite into!
Nitin loves fajitas for its colourful veg content. What excites you about it? Write to me. And Bon Apetite!


  1. Kind Words Andy :) Thank You and yea fajitas look smashing... great pics

  2. vibrant colours makes it very tempting and you have made it look not just easy but super easy. Thanks for sharing Andy.