Monday 30 January 2012


Gurlz, you sure have read this one about Newton.That he would forget to eat his meals & after eating, he would ask his housekeeper for food because he had forgotten that he'd already eaten!
Issac Newton behaved like that not because he was an absent-minded scientist but because, you guessed it, he was a MAN! All men are absent-minded. QED. 
Kitna din kuch meetha nahi bana apne yahan is as common a lament as The Gent not finding his glasses. All the while it was right there. On his nose. 
Tearing out your hair in exasperation will not help. In an era of excessive hairfall, it may not even be wise!Bonding with other female friends is therapeutic at such times. For all my comrades sailing in the same boat, I have one suggestion. KEEP IT BASIC.  Hail the multi-tasking global women of the 21st century!
Keep it simple,mates. It's a Sunday. You want your rest too! Make him a Shahi Tukda with a difference.

Will take you 10 mins to make. And then you are ready for The Iron Lady. Meryl already bagged the Golden Globe for it.

All you need is:
1. Bread
2. Sugar
3. Oil/butter to cook

How to: Warm oil/butter in a shallow
bottomed pan.

Put the bread slice on the warm oil & spread out sugar on top.

Turn the bread carefully & let the sugar caramelize.

Let both sides become golden brown.
Put sugar on both sides if you like. 

I normally put it on one, it's as delicious
 & half as fattening :)

Serve hot. 
And graciously receive the compliment, "wow, kya mast bana hai! Kitne din baad meetha bana na aaj!" Relax Lady, don't reach for your hair...

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