Thursday 26 January 2012

Sunday Ho Ya Monday

Richa is pareshan. "Kya har roz nayi cheezen tiffin mein den yaar!" The tone is frustration laden, the hands uplifted seeking the Saviour for help.

Richa is the coolest mom I know. She misspells her son's name (Adviat, Advai etc. It is Advait. One who is unique. Who doesn't have a dual); uses phrases like ' bekar mein fael raha hai' for the child; ignores him when he cries 'faltu fund ka'; keeps the biscuit jar out of his reach & triumphantly declares, 'mujhe bewakuf samjha hai ki main tere reach mein rakhungi, ha ha ha!'(laugh included).

Advait is 16 months old.

Vineet & P work in the same office; both find their office food wahyat; both have wives who pack their lunch; neither know the notes their wives exchange to accomplish the feat.

This one's for you Richa :)

Call it Egg Chila if you like. Another of my jhatpat recipes. The fast to cook & good to eat types. And not junk!

1. One cup besan(gram flour)
2. 2 eggs
3. Salt to taste
4. Green peas
5. Chopped
   ii. Green Chilli(use red chilli powder if you want)
  iii. Cilantro(dhania patta)- optional(I did not add it this time round)
6. Oil to cook

Step 1:Blend besan, eggs & salt.
                                                Step 2: Pour batter in the pan.
Step 3: Spread out the chopped onions, chilli & green peas on the pancake. Cover the pan & cook it for 2 mins on medium flame.
                                        This is how it looks when done. Golden & yummy.
                  The second one got more colourful. I added some chopped red capsicum. You can add whatever veggies you want. Go forth, get healthy!
                                           Step 4:  Turn & cook the other side.
                                               Your chila is ready to eat/pack for lunch.
                                                      Serve with sauce or chutney.

Doesn't that chutney look tempting?I'll give you the chutney recipe when you come home Richa! That promised visit is pending, ha ha ha! Abhi ke liye ketchup se kaam chala lo :)

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