Monday 30 January 2012

Yummy Mummy

Once there was a plum. A beautiful red plum. The child picked it up excitedly & bit into the juicy fruit. And immediately her expression changed. It was SOUR! She had heard stories about sour grapes but sour plums...That was a disappointment!Mom was always telling stories. Why had she not told her about sour plums?!
Mother had come into the room just in time to catch the child's bewildered look. She smiled her mum-like smile and then did some magic....

She cut the plum into pieces(except, of course the small bite that was already in the child's tummy!); chopped up one whole apple; took a small cube of ginger; chopped a green chilli & tossed it all into the blender. She added 2tsp of sugar & 1/2tsp of salt & ground it all into a CHUTNEY!

Mom then served the delicious sweet & sour chutney with the egg chila that she had made for breakfast. 

                                                                                              Moms always know so much! 

And that day the child learnt a great Truth about life. That a thing can be sour by itself. But if it mixes with the right company, it can become nice & sweet.

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