Thursday 1 March 2012

Mera Naam Ching Ching Choo

Parambir and I go as far back as the Dimna Lake. Or the Dalma pahaad. We have gone to school together, heard each others' crazy stories & stood by each others' heartbreaks. Lots of them! Such a good friend is he that when he heard about the blog, he said he would download all the recipes & follow the Soldier! When I expressed surprise at his supersonic speed of reading with a nasty, "Itna reading speed bachpan mein hota toh aaj kahan pahunch jate'', the sage reply was, "Toh aaj aapki jagah hota!"                                                                                                                                
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This, coming from a man who rubs shoulders with the Indian Eleven. Who blesses the likes of Dhoni before a match & consoles others after. A gentleman who is asked by his friends to make India win! A BCCI scorer, a dependable friend, a happy family man. That's Parambir Singh, my bachpan ka saathi. As Nive looks forward to my return & makes girlie plans, Param wonders about what will happen to hubby dearest for those fifteen days that Nive & I catch up! That makes P a happy man. 'Kisi ne toh mere barey mein bhi socha!'

The last time we met a couple of years ago, we'd had Chinese in a restaurant in Bistupur. Not our favourite joint,Frank's, which is perhaps why I forget the name. Supta had chosen the place & the food was decent. The Chowmein looked like this that day. So this post is for the Singh who is the biggest King!

1. Chowmein- 2 packets[see pic for size]
2. Stir Fry Vegetables- 1 packet
3. Sweet Chilli Sauce- 60 ml
4. Soy & Garlic Sauce- 60 ml
5. Salt- to taste
6. White oil- to cook

1. If you are using boiled noodles, warm the packet in the microwave for 2 mins.[follow instructions on cover] 

For dry noodles, put a tsp of oil & 1/2tsp salt & boil in water till noodles soften. Strain & keep aside.

2. Stir fry the vegetables on medium heat for 7 mins & on high for 3 mins.
     The vegetables should retain their crunch & colour. Do not brown.

     The vegetable pack contains julliennes of capsicum, carrots, mushroom, bamboo shoots, cabbage & spring onions.

3. Add the boiled noodles in the stir-fried vegetables & mix well.

4. Add the sauces & check for taste.

    You can use 1tbsp each of tomato, chilli & soya sauce if the ready packs are not easy to find. Add a pinch of ajinomoto before removing from flame[not if you are using the ready sauces]. 


Serve piping hot. And see your folks lap it up in silence. 

When we returned from our weekend getaway this Monday, we were greeted by the tantalizing aroma of Veg Noodles. God bless Nitin for the thoughtfulness! Sumi is a lucky woman.


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