Monday 5 March 2012

Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka

It's a brother & sister story. And comes with its share of love & rivalry.
Taruna, the elder of the two siblings, was the tomboy & the home-maker. She made pasta the Indian style with pyaz tamatar. Bhai Nitin, not content with his sister's recipe, started researching about what is pasta & how it is actually made. Some ten years later, he smiles & reveals, 'tab mujhe pata chala ki mujhe toh farzi wala pasta khilaya ja raha tha!' 

In steps Swati, Nitin's colleague & an enthusiastic cook. One day Swati brings the 'real' pasta made in white sauce, to office & there was no turning back for Nitin. He has since excelled in pasta making & we have had so much pasta in the last one year that we may not have it for the next one! Truth be told, we live with one of the best pasta makers in town.                                                                                                    Gurpreet here's the pasta recipe for you. And for all of you out there who love your sister :)                                                                                                                        Ingredients:
1. Pasta- 1 cup[serves 3-4]
2. 1 cup chopped mushrooms 
3. 1 cup chopped vegetables(optional)
4. 1tsp mixed herbs
5. 2 cups white sauce
6. 3 tbsp olive oil
7. Salt- to taste

How to :
1. Boil the pasta with 1/2tsp salt & 1 tsp oil in an open vessel.
When pasta softens, remove from flame, strain the hot water & put cold water in the vessel for 7-8 minutes. This prevents the pasta from sticking.


 2. While the pasta is boiling prepare the vegetable mixture.

 Saute the chopped mushroom & mixed vegetables in olive oil. Add the mixed herbs & salt to taste.
Remove from flame when vegetables are soft.
Do not brown. Saute veggies on medium flame in an open wok.

 3. If you are using a cheese sauce pack(pic), boil ingredients in water & the sauce is ready.

It's easy to make white sauce at home too.

Mix 1tbsp cornflour in 2 cups milk & bring mixture to boil.
When the mixture simmers, put 1/2 cup of grated cheese & remove from flame as cheese melts to give the white sauce a smooth texture.
Add a pinch of salt to taste.
Cheese is salty so add the salt only after you have tasted the sauce once. 

 4. Add the vegetables to the boiled pasta & mix gently. Add the white sauce & let all ingredients cook for 2 minutes before you take it off flame.



The rich cheesy flavour beckons you!

Serve pasta hot with crisp garlic bread & a drink to wash down the grub with.

Taruna still follows her pyaz tamatar pasta recipe & the family is none the worse for it. 

Nitin continues with his research on various matters of life. He now has an iPhone to do it in. 

Swati remains the best chef that side of the world....


  1. Good one bhai......mazaa aa gaya...

    I usually add greens like kale and spinach feel less guilty about...cheesy white pasta!

  2. Imp to feel less guilty about sinfully tempting food :D