Wednesday 29 February 2012

Sweet Tooth

Mesho sent six coconuts from his garden for Lalmana. The coconuts travelled first class from Jhargram to Delhi & delighted both the giver as well as the recipient. Lalmana(pyar se, Lalo)with a loyal group of friends, knew she would make Narkol Nadu, nariyal ke laddoo, with the coconuts. Before she could voice it, Supi, her closest aide, sat with the grater & grated all six coconuts in forty minutes flat! 

If you have such friends, you don't need much else in life. If you don't, investing in a grater may not be a bad idea.

We need:
1. 1 coconut- grated[will make 25-26 laddoos]
2. 2 cups sugar[if grated coconut is 1cup]
3. 1/2tsp cardamom powder
4. A friend who will do it for you[optional]

How to:
1. Grate the coconut & grind it for a smooth texture.

2. Mix the coconut, sugar & cardamom powder over medium flame till sugar melts & mixture leaves the kadai.

3. Remove from flame & make equal sized balls while mixture is still hot.

Tip: Put water on the palms for smooth laddoos & to prevent blisters!

Use half sugar & half jaggery if you wish. The brownish colour[pic] is because of the jaggery.

Laddoos will harden when cold.

Having made the nadus with the six  coconuts that Supi had grated, Lalo & she went to the market. By the time they returned, the laddoos would have solidified & be ready for distribution. When she came back home after an hour, there were only five or six laddoos left! Lalo has two teenage sons. Roop & his elder brother...

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