Wednesday 22 February 2012


Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye is a well- thought out punchline. Whether it is the sweet that the brand endorses or any other, sweets bind people. The love for sweets is infectious. If you hang around with friends who have a sweet tooth, sooner or later you will develop it too. You will even want to make some for them for the sheer joy of seeing the surprise on their faces. One can't say that for cigarettes.

The Mohan Thal was so well-liked by people that they wrote in to share similar stories of mouth-watering delicacies that one can make at home. Gurpreet  sent in the recipe for the Kadha Prashad that is offered in Gurudwaras the world over. With the rejoinder that while you may not get the prashad taste because that comes with God's Grace, you can, with the right ingredients, make a delicious Aate ka Halwa. Here is the offering. I leave it to Him to Grace it.

What all:

1. Aata(wheat flour)- 1cup
2. Sugar- 1 cup
3. Water-2 cups
4. Ghee- 1 cup(make it 3/4th if you are counting calories!)
5. Dry Fruits- optional
6. Cardamom(or powder)- optional                                                

How to:

 1. Boil the sugar in water & make a one-string syrup. 

     Keep it aside.

2. Heat ghee & fry the aata on medium flame till it changes colour &
 leaves a roasted aroma.
    If you are using whole cardamom & dry fruits, you may roast it with the aata or leave it for garnish. Your choice.

 3. Add the sugar syrup & keep stirring till it is fully soaked up.
 4. See that halwa gets a smooth texture & no lumps are formed. 
     Add cardamom powder now, if you are using it.
5. Remove from flame when halwa leaves the kadai.


Offer it to your God & pray for Grace. Serve when halwa becomes prashad.

Thank you for the inspiration, Gurpreet.

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