Saturday 4 February 2012

Aloo Parantha

There is no water in the bathroom. The plumber reports that the water has frozen in the pipe. The pipe needs to be insulated & he'll come back late afternoon to do it.

It's -5°C outside. Who takes a shower in this weather! Well,we do. I can feel Ma's stern disapproving look from across the world, if I don't. In Mother's regime, you did not enter the kitchen without a bath. She's a disciplined woman with strict rules for the household. While there were diktats one resented as a youngster, the usefulness of those strike you when you are left on your own. 

Shaasan is when others impose rules on you; anushaasan is when do it to yourself, we read in our satsang last evening. No hot water today, Ma. But have some hot alu paranthas :) 

No, we don't want a cold sandwich with cold cuts in this cold, thank you, gora land.


The Covering:
1. Aata(Wheat flour)- 3 cups
2. Water- to knead flour
3. Salt- 3/4tsp

The Stuffing:
1. Potato- 4 large[makes 10-12 paranthas]
2. 1 large onion- chopped
3. Cilantro- chopped
5. Green chilli chopped/Red Chilli powder
6. Roasted cumin powder
7. Salt- to taste
8. Oil/Ghee- to fry paranthas

These two steps happen simultaneously:[so both are #1]

1. Boil potatoes. 3 whistles(in a cold country) should be good.

1. Knead the dough while the potato is boiling. Add salt to the dough.

See the dough is done just right. Not too much water.

2.By now the potato is done.
Peel the boiled potato & mash it. 

 3Fry the chopped onions & cilantro with salt. Add the roasted cumin powder(bhuna zeera). 

  4Add the mashed potato to the masala & mix  well.
 Take off flame. Let cool for 10mins.

  5Make equal sized balls with the dough.

 Make them into cups & stuff them with the potato filling. 

Tip: Let the potato filling cool before you stuff  & roll out the paranthas
Paranthas will roll smoother that way.

6.Roll out round & shallow fry in a flat bottomed pan.

  7Fry both sides till golden brown.

Serve them crisp hot with creamy yogurt, pickle & how about some piping hot adrak chai!
Can I bunk my bath today, Ma ? ;)

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