Wednesday 22 February 2012

Da One

Shahrukh tempted me into this. I need not have taken the bait. I could have waited for his ammi to make it & then shared it with you guys. But call it heightened awareness, that I spotted the Seviyan packet the first thing in the store! An Indian shopper, buying a seviyan pack made in Pakistan, being sold in an English supermarket. Couldn't get more global, could it ?

SRK & I were together in our training program in his phurst job. A large hearted person, Shahrukh Khalid is famous for feeding his team with his mom's famous biryani & gosht. Very thoughtfully, he got phirni for me once knowing I could not eat the non vegetarian fare. 

Seeing the Mohan Thal recipe when he asked me if I had tried my hand at Sweet Seviyan,the inception worked. I decided to make seviyan like I've eaten in Mujib Bhaiya's house. Bengalis generally cook vermicelli in milk. This time I decided to make it differently. 

1. Seviyan- 200gms
2. Sugar- 1/2 cup
3. Water- 1 1/2  cup
4. Ghee - 2 tbsp (dry roast for a healthier option if you wish!)
5. Saffron- 1/2 tsp
6. Dry Fruits- as desired
7. Ground cardamom- one pinch(1/8 tsp)


1. Boil water & sugar to make syrup. Add the saffron to it & let syrup sit.

2. Heat the ghee & fry vermicelli until golden brown.

3. You may add the dry fruit & roast it with the vermicelli or leave it for garnish later.

4. Add the saffron sugar syrup to the roasted vermicelli & cook on low/medium flame till vermicelli softens.
Serve hot or cold. Depending on how hungry your family is! Seviyan & spicy papad is a popular combination for Eid. Sindhis have seviyan & masaledar aloo as breakfast.

Suit your palate! Go global!                                

Thank you Shahrukh! This happened because of you. Somebody in my house is a happy man :)

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  1. Thanks for doing this how one forgets how to make it ....after a long gap.