Wednesday 15 February 2012

Atulya Bharat

  It's not for nothing they say that. The colour, the variety, the spice, the diversity that exists every 1km, is unbelievable!

We were having a Chinese breakfast yesterday in China Town & it occurred to me. Think chowmein & you think soya sauce & ajinomoto. Every joint, every home, the same taste. Italian pasta, the same cheese & cream. Garlic bread, same taste throughout the world. Fish & Chips in London. Go to the last pub, the fish is as crunchy & bland as the first. 

Even the houses here, the same look, the same white lacy curtain, the same staircase that goes up on the right. A burglar needs to burgle just one house. He'll know the layout of all the rest! While the standardized formatting gives the place a tidy look, it can quite stifle the creative. I'd like sunny yellow curtains on my window, do you mind? No, I've had enough of that brown exterior, can I have mera wala cream, please?

In the get-together we had the other day, there were 6 families. We realised what variety we have in India with the simple bhindi. No two families cook it the same. And yet, everybody loves bhindi. Such unity in diversity! The realization was overwhelming.

The easiest recipe, and equally sumptuous, was Richa's .

Needed:[serves 3-4]
1. Bhindi(lady's finger/okra)- cut in small pieces- 400gms
2. Chopped Onions- 1 cup
3. Ajwain(thymol/carom/Bishop's weed)- 1tsp
4. Turmeric Powder-1/4 tsp
5.Amchoor(dried mango powder)- 1/4tsp
6. Red chilli powder/chopped green chilli- as preferred
7. Salt- to taste
8. Oil - to cook 
1. Put ajwain in hot oil. Add turmeric & salt. Mix well.

2. Add chopped onion & saute on high flame, as you get the ajwain flavour.

3. Add bhindi & fry together till bhindi is cooked.

4. Sprinkle amchoor, fry for 2 mins & take it off the flame.

Chef's Tip: 

  • Ajjawin, a digestive, prevents flatulence. Good therefore, to add it to bhindi.
  • Do not cover the pan. Stir on open flame for bhindi to remain green & whole. 
  • If you are using green chilli, add it with the bhindi. If you prefer red chilli powder, add it while you saute onions.

Serve hot with roti. Or have it with dal chawal. Team it with parantha if you want. Atulya Bharat! Incredible !ndia.

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