Thursday 9 February 2012


While fairly tolerant of my other dishes, Bhaiyu detested my experiments with eggs. He loved eggs & wanted to eat them as eggs. I loved eggs too. And wanted to make them last. I'd do anything to make the omlette fluffier, fuller, bigger!

A modest household headed by a single parent, our eggs were rationed. Among three children we had two eggs. Being the eldest,it was upto me to make it as I fancied. It would invariably be omlette. Went well with the dal bhat. It was never just omlette, though. It was omlette with the thick of dal in it. Or omlette with some mashed potato to give it body. The extra onion always helped but that was just basic. A dash of chopped tomato made it softer & thicker. The vegetables that were cooked for lunch also made their way into the whisked egg on some days!

He said it right when he said Necessity is the mother of all invention. Necessity coupled with an over-active imagination makes for great cuisine, trust me :) Or ask Bhaiyu ;)

My brother is now a big man working for a big brand. He can eat 5 eggs together if he wants. Does he? I suspect those innovative omlettes of his childhood have finally caught his fancy. He makes his omlettes with olives,with cheese, with whatever. Never plain omlette. Never egg as egg should be. And today, I get pics of his olive omlette in my mail ! Talk of family bonding :) 

I will leave you with an anda fest today! Try other variations & share your recipes with me.
Here's Olive Omlette to start with. The pics say it all. 

 Two eggs
 1tsp olive- cut into 2
 Chopped Onions- 1.5tsp
 Chopped Green Chillies- as preferred
 Salt- to taste

Whisk eggs, add the chopped onions, chillies & olives & pour in a shallow pan.
Cook both sides till golden brown.

Try the Green Peas Omlette. You will love it. The kiddos can have some greens in disguise too!

 Two eggs
 Green Peas - 2-3tsp
 Chopped Onions- 1.5tsp
 Chopped Green Chillies- as preferred
 Salt- to taste                                       

Same method as above.

Tip: A pinch of baking powder gives your omlette that extra rise.

Tomato & Cilantro Omlette is a heavenly delight.
I use 2-3 tsp chopped cilantro in 2 eggs. Chopped tomato & onion, red chilli powder & salt to taste. The fresh cilantro gives the omlette an out-of-the-world aroma.

The Pota(To)mato Omlette is so succulent, you will never want a plain egg again!

 Two eggs
 Chopped Tomato - 2-3tsp
 Grated Raw Potato- 2tsp
 Grated Ginger- 1/4tsp
 Red Chilli Powder- as preferred
 Salt- to taste

 Tips for fluff:
1. Always cover the pan 
2. Make omlette on medium heat for the first 5-7 minutes.

Try Andy's Special Egg Roll when you have a chappati left from last night.

  • Whisk egg with whatever ingredients you want.[choose from above]
  • Cover the pan & let omlette fry for 3 mins
  • Place the chapatti on half wet side & let it fry for one minute
  • Turn the omlette over. Fry the chapatti side for 1minute.                                     

    Roll it & serve hot with  ketchup.
    I wonder if P leaves his roti at night so he can have egg roll for breakfast!

    Donchu, deem khabi ;0

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