Tuesday 7 February 2012

Dal Dumpling

Happy Birthday Sir!
Debolina asked me to bake you a cake. I told her I'd make you something healthy instead. Also, I suspect after the graphic description of Miss Havisham's wedding cake, you may not want a cake for yourself! Let us stay away from morbidity on your 200th birth anniversary. It is a joyous occasion; the entire UK is in a celebratory mood & we'd rather have it that way. 
Happy Birthday again, Mr. Dickens!

Debolina, the much awaited Dal Dumpling is here for you. When Lalo taught this to me first, I'd named it jhokmari dal & sworn never to make it. I did though. It is not cumbersome as I'd initially feared it to be. It is healthy & tasty. And, if this is any consolation, you don't need to make anything else when you make this. It is a complete meal

Just 3 distinct steps and we have the dish ready. Shouldn't take more than 40 mins to make, preparation included.

The 3 steps- 1. The Dal 2. The Dumplings- outer cover & filling 3. Cook both together

Let's get into the kitchen. And let not this excel sheet scare you. This is to make life easier :)  
Our ingredients :

How to go about it : [Three simultaneously steps]:

  • Pressure cook the dal with salt & turmeric powder(10mins)
  • Saute the vegetables for the filling(5-7mins)
  • Make the rice dough flour dough(5 mins)

The Filling:

  • Saute the vegetables in 2tsp hot oil.
  • Add salt & garam masala. 
  • Stir at medium till veggies soften. 
  • Keep aside to cool.

For the rice flour dough:
Boil water. Add salt & oil to it. 

Pour in the rice flour powder & keep stirring till water dries.

Take it off flame. Knead into smooth dough while still hot.

Use more oil if too sticky.

The Dumpling:
Make equal sized balls with the dough,flatten them on
your palm & fill in the vegetables.

Give the dumplings any shape you want.
Dal Seasoning:
By now the dal is cooked. Mash it well & season it.
Put the whole spices in hot oil till they crackle. Add asafoetida, fry for a minute.
Add the onion & ginger and saute till onion becomes translucent.

Add water to the seasoning, let it boil.
Add tamarind paste, sugar & salt.
Add this to the dal.
Add the dumplings to the dal. Let it simmer for 5 mins. 
Add fresh, chopped cilantro if you like.

The sumptuous Dal Dumpling is ready to be served.

A fantastic way of having dal, chawal & subzi! Make mutton dumplings if you want & simmer them in the dal! Who's stopping you :)
With all that jumping about around the house, your little one sure needs all this energy. Hoping she's fully recovered. And preparing for the next jump!

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  1. Thank you...Mr. Dickens ..only and only for you..today I can enjoy the delicacy dal dumpling..my dearest Anindita have dedicated this to you...Alas!! you were Alive..to taste...it seems so yummy..am sure these dumplings...would have brought some dimply smile all over your face :) forgetting the scary Miss Havisham's wedding cake,
    ..........am so happy today..........Anindita proud of you :) wish you all happiness...everyday..!!...love debolina