Thursday 2 February 2012


Don't read this, Sohini. One, you don't like to read(you passed on Oh Mind!Please Relax! to Bubba without relaxing your own mind & Spiritual Diary has not come out of its cellophane cover); two, you have given up rice & subsist on dalia, I hear and three, I am going to use curry patta in this.

Put your hands together for Sohini Basu, ladies & gents! She deserves a round of applause. She has been with the same organization for eight years, outlived all her counterparts & acquired a zen despite all ongoing around her.

I love Sohini. She is the kid sister I never had. And wasn't too sure I wanted. The manager is always maal to her, despite the gender. 'Maal ta eshechche' is how she enquires if the boss is around;then sweet-talks the head into taking the team for an outing;and usually succeeds. After months of nagging when she finally hits the gym, she wants to know every 5 hours if she has slimmed. There is nobody that she looks up to till they prove they have a higher IQ(or EQ!), and since that doesn't happen often, the world at large is deprived of her reverence.

The next time you ask me Sohini,what I'm doing these days, apart from loafing & blogging, the answer will be I'm learning to REMIX. Full time home management entails that you utilize all left-overs to the best of your capacity. I am learning,kiddo, to also do a yummy job of the same. 
So after you are done with the KRA, how about making this for someone who likes curry patta :)

For Lemon Rice, the ingredients are simple.
1. Cooked rice (whatever is left over!)
2. Urad dal-1/2 tsp
3. Chana dal- 1/4 tsp
4. Mustard seeds- 1/4 tsp
5. Asafoetida- 1/4 tsp
6. Dry red chilli - 2
7. Chopped:
   i. Onion- 1tbsp
  ii. Green chilli - acc to taste
 iii. Ginger- 1/4tsp
8. Curry leaves
9. Lemon juice- 3-4 tsp
10. Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
11. Salt - to taste
12. Oil- to cook

1. Heat oil. Add hing powder.

2. Put mustard seeds, chana & urad dal, dry red chillies & curry leaves till they crackle.

3. Add turmeric powder & salt, mix well with the fried spices.

 4. Add the chopped onion, ginger & green chillies & saute for 3-4 mins on medium flame till onion is translucent & ginger,tender.

5. Add the cooked rice, mix all ingredients well, & add the lemon juice. Stir for 2 mins.

Ready to serve with any chutney.

So the next time you have left over rice, you know what to do :)

Meanwhile, anyone looking for a Canadian Culture trainer? You can contact Sohini at ...uhh...ok I'll get back to you with her number...

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