Sunday 5 February 2012


Mili called to fight with me.

"What do you mean by sharing Chilli Chicken recipe on a Sunday? Can you imagine the pressure you are creating!" 
I tried telling her that I hadn't cooked it in my own kitchen but if you think you can pacify a shrieking friend on a lazy afternoon,well, you may be right ;)

As a reparation give her a SIMPLE recipe. Where she doesn't have to do much. Or do anything! She can get her man to open the seal & the kids to decorate the plate. Everyone feels involved; the dish looks yum; our girl's had her rest & Nitin can get the applause! Nitin, our head chef for the Sunday special.

Everything came out of packets today. 

1. Tortelloni(Veg)- 1 packet
2. Ravioli(Chicken)- 1 packet
3. Tomato & Mascarpone Sauce- 1 pack
4. Mixed Herbs-1tsp(optional)
5. Olives- to garnish(optional)
6. Olive Oil- 2tsp

1. Put a tsp of olive oil & boil the ravioli for 3 minutes & tortelloni for 2mins.

[Because there are 2 non vegetarians in our house & one vegetarian! 
If all your family members have similar eating habits, you can cook either of the two, ravioli OR tortelloni].

2. Strain the water once the ravioli/tortelloni  is cooked.
The oil keeps the pasta parcels from sticking.

3. Warm the Tomato & Mascarpone Sauce for 3 mins. Add a tsp of mixed herbs for added flavour.

4. Pour out the sauce on the boiled pasta parcels, garnish with olives & serve hot.

Yes, it is THAT simple!

"Mili, MILI! Relax! I DON'T cook on  weekends, I'm TELLING you. I was out in the snow for three hours. Yes, yes. Promise! I was tired ya, clicking pics with the snowman P made! Is all that less work! After all that makeup, the snowman still looked fairer. And you're shouting at me for a recipe! Grow up,yaaa!"

God bless you , Nitin! I am waiting for the next weekend!

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