Thursday 9 February 2012

It's Different

I misjudged the amount of rice & lentil the other evening. It was chilke wale masoor dal ki khichdi for dinner & I soaked more than what was required.

My brain cells do an overtime at times like these. I left the soaked rice & dal for a couple of days. And realized yesterday that the masoor had sprouted! No, I am not doing anything healthy with this, I sternly told myself!

The gobi leaves (from the Gobi Manchurian the day before) were tender & fresh. I had already chopped them for later use when I was using the cauliflower.

How about a jugalbandi
I thought :) 

So the dal chawal mix goes in the blender. 
Along with some ginger pieces. And then the
chopped gobi leaves. Threw in a green chilli for added zing ;)

 Added salt to the thick batter. 
 Put spoonfuls of the batter in the hot oil. 

Fried till golden brown.

And before a decent pic could be clicked, most of them disappeared from the plate!!!

If the family leaves it till then, serve it with a green chutney. Or ketchup. Or let them just have a field day :)

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  1. kya...baat pressure, brain cells produces more creative tasty...tangy.. delicacy..yes! pakoras seems to be wine hai kya?? London ki Sardi ;