Wednesday 8 February 2012

Gobi Manchurian

Our Bangalore office cafeteria serves the best Gobi Manchurian. 

The first time I ate it there, my diet chart went for a toss. Much to Navaneetha's delight!"Thank God, you are eating something more than dalia," she sighed with relief.

The warmest host, the friendliest person that walks the earth, the most passionate trainer I have met, Neetha personifies Wisdom. Talk books, talk temples, talk human psychology, this girl knows it all. And knows what she knows & doesn't know.

Gobi Manchurian & Navaneetha are inextricably linked in my memory. One reminds me of the other. When I made it last night, I thought of her again.

This one is for you, Gurl! And for Suresh! For all the Gobi Manchurians he sponsored for us:)

1. 1 Gobi(cut into florets)
2. Chopped Onion- 3/4cup
3. Ginger Garlic Paste- 2 tsp
4. Chopped Cilantro- 1/2tbsp
5. Chopped Green Chillies(deseeded)- 1/2tbsp
6. Maida- 2tbsp
7. Cornflour- 2tbsp
8. Sauce:
i. Tomato- 1.5tbsp
ii. Chilli- 1tbsp
iii. Soy- 1tbsp
9. Ajinomoto- 1/2tsp
10. Sugar- 1.5tsp
11. Salt- to taste
12. Oil


1. Boil gobi florets for 10-12 minutes(till it is half cooked).
    Strain water & keep aside.

Simultaneously(when gobi is boiling)

1. Prepare a batter of maida, cornflour, ginger garlic paste & salt.

1. Chop onions & green chillies & keep ready. You may use grated ginger garlic instead of paste. This is the time to do it, in that case.

Time Saver: The above 3 things happen together. So they are all step 1.

2. Dip gobi florets in the batter & deep fry till golden brown.
Keep aside till all done.

Use an absorbent paper to soak excess oil(if it bothers you!)

 3.  In a wok, stir the  ginger garlic paste for 3 mins on high.  Toss in the onions & fry for another 3. 
         Add the chopped green chillies & fry for a minute.   
          Keep stirring all the while.
          Onion should be translucent & not brown.

4.  Add water to the fried onion(to make gravy) & add the sauces, salt & sugar. 
    Put in the fried gobi florets when the sauce mixture boils.
                 Simmer for 5 minutes on high.
                Add ajinomoto & chopped cilantro & take off the flame.

Gobi Manchurian(gravy) tastes best with fried rice or noodles. If you keep it dry, you can serve it as a starter.
Serve hot.

Neetha, how about making some holge after this ;)

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  1. Hi Andy,

    I do not remember sponsoring that many Manchurians:-)
    Now I know I will have the best Gobi Man during my next trip to London