Thursday 23 February 2012

The K Factor

Winters invariably meant Motorshutir Kochudi. Matar ki Kachodi. Peas were in season, they were green, fresh & tasty. Notun aloo, new potatoes, went as the accompaniment. Notun aloor dom, (dum aloo) & motorshutir kochudi was a delicacy that saw many takers in our house.

Then times changed. You started getting everything throughout the year. There was nothing seasonal. You got matar, gobi, gajar in summer & mangoes in winters. Modernization took another leap. In came supermarkets & frozen food. Gone were the days of haggling over prices with the local vegetable vendor & asking about his well- being. You went to the frozen food section, picked up green peas, cut vegetables, chicken breasts & what not, queued at the till with a plastic face & plastic money, acknowledged the unfeeling hello of the salesperson & having signed on the credit card receipt, walked out like a robot.

The change is here to stay. We are trying hard to hold on to the vestiges of tradition while embracing modernity. Pizza outings & kosha mangsho(fried mutton) go hand in hand. As does ice-cream with notun guder sondesh. As we rave about the benefits of canned food, there is the unheard cry of hamare ghar mein ye bachpan mein banta tha. Go nostalgic guys. Go back to your roots.

We need:
The Cover
1. Maida- 1 cup
2. Water- 1/2 cup
3. Salt- 1/8tsp
4. Oil- 1tsp
The Stuffing
1. Green Peas- 2cups
2. Chopped Ginger- 1tsp
3. Green Chillies- as preferred
4. Asafoetida- 1/4tsp
5. Bhuna Zeera(Roasted cumin powder)- 1/2tsp
6. Salt - to taste
7. Refined oil- to deep fry kachodi

1. Grind the green peas, ginger & green chillies in the mixie.

2. Heat oil. Add asafoetida & salt & fry the peas paste till water dries up. Add bhuna zeera in the last one min, mix it well & remove from flame.

    Keep the stuffing aside.

 3. Knead the maida with water & a pinch of salt. Add a tsp of oil to the dough at the end.

Tip: Do not use oil in the maida while kneading, the kachodi will become too khasta, rich, for your liking.

4. Make equal sized balls of the maida dough, fill in the stuffing(see pic) & roll with a rolling pin like you do pooris.

5. Deep fry till both sides are done. 
     Do not make kachodis too brown. Let the green pea effect come through. 

Serve hot with dum aloo. 

And the next time you crave for a snack, reach out for the rolling pin instead of the can.

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