Thursday 2 February 2012

Begun Jhal Deoaa

See what I told you yesterday about fancy food. You can't eat fancy food everyday of your life. You have to come to Mother Earth. And why am I saying this again, today? Because a chico I know is making baingan ki subzi. Or trying to at least, he signed off saying...

Gawa Norboo. My friend from the hill days. One person I can discuss literature with without his yawning. Someone who has a flair for writing,who respects people for what they are, someone who will not judge you,someone who is not spiteful or malicious. The years in between  have done nothing to abate the fond bond we share. Facebook notwithstanding, we had lost touch when life took us on our own paths. And jab we met it was as if no time had elapsed. I was still as wicked; he was still the gentleman! 

When you make aubergines the next time Gawa, try this recipe. Absolutely mouth-watering! And easier than many other baingan preparations. We call it Begun Jhal Deoya in Bangla. Anything that has mustard is jhal(pungent). On similar lines we have machcher jhal(fish with mustard). Traditionally, this is eaten with rice.

You'll need:
1. Small aubergines-slit(check pic)
2. 1 tsp of mustard sauce
3. 1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
4. Salt- to taste
5. Oil(preferably mustard) - to cook
6. 3/4-1 cup water for gravy

What to do :

1. In the hot oil, put salt & turmeric powder. Let them mix in the oil.

2. Lay out the aubergines neatly in the pan.

3. Let it fry on medium flame for 5-7 mins. Cover pan with a lid.

4. Turn the aubergines on the other side & cook like before.

5. Check to see if the baingan is cooked. Insert a knife/fork to gauge.

6. Add mustard sauce & water. Let the aubergines simmer in the gravy for 5-7 mins.

Tip: The beauty of this dish is in its presentation. 

Select same sized baingan

Let the stalk remain, slit length-wise to the stalk; the stalk holds it together.

In India, I use freshly ground mustard. I soak the mustard for 10 mins & then grind it with a green chilli thrown in. 

Here, I used this bottled mustard(see pic). Before taking it off the flame when I checked for taste, it was a little too strong. So the white sauce (you see in the pictures) is some creamy yogurt I added to temper the taste! 

You're welcome, Gawa. Yes, yes I heard the 'Thank you senora' ! Always the gentleman, aren't you :)

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